How I became Nutrition Julie

and why I am dedicated to your health!

Thank you for visiting my site and allowing me a moment to introduce myself. I am Julie McMahon, otherwise known as Nutrition Julie. As I look back at how I got here, I see of series of events that taught me a number of valuable lessons. I feel that these events were put in my life to bring me to my larger purpose. I believe this is true for all of us and encourage you to look for your lessons and live your purpose as well. Simply put, I grew up in a family that valued health. My dad grew all of our vegetables, tended to an apple orchard and kept bees that gave us honey each season. My mom, a nurse, cooked a homemade meal and we shared good food and excellent conversation every night. Both my parents were great story tellers and we used to laugh so hard! We lived near the woods and I was able to hike through them daily. I had no idea how lucky I was to be raised with good food, strong family and a true connection to nature.

Lesson: Eating healthy food from the garden, getting outside and eating as a family equals great health!

When I went away to college, I decided to study nutrition and soon found a very different, more scientific way of looking at food that didn’t really match how I was raised. I also discovered, from living in the dorms, fast food and soda pop. I soon gained weight and felt completely ill! Ironically, even though I was studying nutrition, no one connected my illness with what I was eating. By the time I left college with my nutrition degree, I was so disillusioned with the field of nutrition that I opened a restaurant instead. I loved the restaurant industry, but noticed just how much the average person eats and drinks when they are out!

Lesson: Eating processed dorm food and drinking pop equals poor health! Eating more food than you need makes a person fat and sick too!

From there I spent a couple years in Hollywood, CA….not really my dream place, but I was married to a model and actor and thought I might as well try out the industry as well. I had fun going on daily auditions, shoots and being in television commercials. It was fun, but anything but glamorous! I was surrounded by body obsessed people who starved themselves to attain their desired image…it was crazy!

Lesson: Being super thin and starving yourself does not equal healthy AT ALL!!

From there I went to live on a working cattle ranch in Idaho. I was so happy to be out of the city and back out in nature. I saw the sun rise and set every single day. I had a little garden and returned to the life I had grown up with. On the ranch, I would help out when all the cows would deliver their calves in the spring. Riding a herd of thousands of cows, which are all pregnant and all delivering around the same time was amazing! I became surprisingly good at knowing when they were in labor and when I should help pull the calves. They were so cute!!! For one year they got to graze with their mamas and be antibiotic free. At one year however, the yearlings were shipped off to be stuffed with grains, antibiotics and growth hormones to fatten them up quick for market.

I started to think about all the burgers I had seen in the restaurant industry and how our meat industry feeds an over consumption of meat and how all the grains, hormones and antibiotics were being transferred into our bodies as well! Fast forward a few years and couple kids later I had blood tests that came back with high sugar levels (borderline prediabetic) and thyroid numbers that were out of whack. Instead of medicating, I decided to get to the root of the problem. I read every book available on nutrition and completely changed my diet.

Lesson: Even though I had out of whack thyroid and blood sugar numbers, not a single person in mainstream medicine asked me what I was eating or made any suggestions to change my diet and lifestyle habits. I learned firsthand that the western medical world is not trained in healing through diet and lifestyle, but more trained in diagnosis and symptom relief through pharmaceuticals. I chose food and healed myself.

A few more years went by and I watched my wonderful parents struggle with cancer and diabetes. What happened?! I couldn’t understand how they could become so sick, given the principles they had taught me. This drove me deeper into my quest for knowledge. I was busy raising five kids, but as soon as they started to go off to college I decided it was my turn to go back to school. It is never too late to follow your dreams or to reinvent yourself! My dad used to say, “You can do anything you set your mind to”.

Lesson: Sometimes the universe repeats a lesson, just in case you weren’t listening the first time.

Even though my parents had cancer and diabetes, no one in the medical world asked them what they were eating or suggested diet and lifestyle shifts they could make to be healthy. This all led me to develop my Food First program for the prevention and healing from disease. I have learned so much and consider it my life’s purpose to share my knowledge and experience with you. I believe in the healing power of food and want everyone to have the tools they need to live their life to their greatest potential.

I have shared my story and can’t wait to hear yours! I look forward to being a part of your journey.

~Nutrition Julie