Nutrition Julie Shares Insights

Julie McMahon has spent years researching food and its effect on the body and has been sharing her knowledge through articles, newsletters and publications for both print and web. From the early days of Sound Nutrition to the present, Nutrition Julie places Food First when evaluating the health and well-being of the people she works with to create a greater understanding of the causes of conditions ranging from sickness and allergies to those everyday blahs we all feel on occasion. She then applies her knowledge of food and its effect on the body to help determine which of her proven methods will be right for any given situation.

Time and again Julie has found a solution for people who have found themselves with nowhere else to turn.

She empowers the people she works with to focus on the proper steps and methodologies to employ in order to regain or establish a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition Julie spells it out in plain English, without a lot of superfluous language that can sometimes confuse an otherwise clear-cut situation. Her natural ease with identification and determination of what lies behind the cause of illness, allergies, weight gain or loss, comes from the purity of her connection with nature which informs her understanding and influences her strategies for developing health solution systems. This natural base, combined with a thorough education in nutrition and overall health has resulted in the proven, life-changing “Food First System”. As an introduction to the work and guiding philosophy behind Nutrition Julie’s mission, feel free to explore some of the articles and newsletters with the links provided.