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Simple consistent actions make life transforming results!

People are experiencing awesome energy, trimmer waistlines, restful nights of sleep and stable moods, all from upgrading their dietary and lifestyle choices! See what people have to say about working with Nutrition Julie.

“Before I worked with Julie, I believed being a daughter of a Home Economist gave me the advantage of being exposed to proper nutrition. Julie’s knowledge of nutrition and recipes have been eye opening to me and has made me a healthier person all around. As a mother of two young girls, Julie has guided not only myself, but our whole family on eating and being healthier. I attribute my weight loss(50lbs) and over all improved mental health in one year following the birth of our second child to the guidance, support and encouragement of Julie.”

Whitney C

“Julie has literally changed my life.  Because of the habits she helped me create, I have lost 30 lbs, am sleeping better and have more energy during the day.  She has been very helpful with researching products/supplements and providing feedback on current diet habits.  Lastly, I have a stress filled life and she has helped my find ways to manage the stress and live more in the present.
Thank you Julie!”
Chris M.

“I have become much more aware of the importance of good nutritional practices and how they can benefit my body and my mind!  When I eat better, I feel better!  I am using the tools Julie gave me to better my life and the lives of my family!  Visiting my Rheumatologist and hearing her say for the first time in years ‘no signs of inflammation’ was proof enough that my time with Julie was invaluable!!”

Linda N.

“I’m glad I reached out to Julie at Sound Nutrition. I had researched information about a healthier lifestyle, but I didn’t know exactly how to apply the things that I learned to my everyday life. Julie taught me how to do this and much more!”

Shelia D.


You are right about it being never too late to eat right, I have proven that to myself over the past several weeks!

Thank you for all of your knowledge and wisdom and great spirit! The challenge continues to go well and I am growing stronger each day in all areas! Have a great week!”

Sheila S. Insight2Health Challenge Participant

“Julie is awesome and helped my husband and I build really great habits. This has been a great experience and given us the tools and confidence to have a healthy relationship with food.”

Cristina and Mike R.

“Julie is a miracle worker!  Not only do I no longer crave sugar, but I have more energy and have lost more weight than I have since 1983!  I am filled with hope for a healthier future.  I highly recommend Julie to anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle.”

“Julie is an excellent Holistic Health Coach.  She has a calm demeanor and is a great listener, and really tunes into her clients needs.  My biggest concern was my sugar addiction.  Miraculously I no longer desire sugar after working with her!  I am eating much more healthy, have more energy, and am enjoying more exercise.  And I am doing this because I want to, not because a ‘program’ says that I need to.  My new lifestyle has blended well into my family, and they are also enjoying the new foods and recipes that are more natural.   I would highly recommend Julie’s services to you.”

Sue S.

“I needed to make changes in my diet in order to eliminate some gastric distress, to have more energy and to feel better.  I never dreamed that the decision to work with Julie would accomplish these goals and much more.  She listened to my story and offered information and products that I have incorporated into my daily life.  I appreciated that she didn’t overwhelm me with too many changes at one time.  Each time we met she built on my feedback from the previous session.  As a result, I am continuing to eat better and feel better and I’m confident that I’ll continue to incorporate the nutritional choices Julie showed me for optimal health and wellness.  Julie will be there to support me on my journey.”

Sylvia H.

“I did the Love Your Liver Detox with Julie at Sound Nutrition.  I felt more energy than ever after the 3rd day of smoothies only!  I literally felt like I was 20 years old again, I am 47, so this was big for me!  I also felt much less tired over all.  I was able to get a lot done during the days and sleep well at night.  I plan on doing it again!”

Sarah K.

“Food has been my comfort and stress reliever my whole life.  The great thing is that adding smoothies in December, stopping pop and milk in January has at least stopped the cravings and now I don’t have to have it.  Perhaps I’ll be able to eat to live instead of live to eat. Also, my daughter with anxiety has cut her meds in 1/2 and the days she has a smoothie (she adds maca and raw cacao) and watches her sugar intakes are her best, high energy days.  She is noticing a difference.  Again Julie thank you for all you are doing even for us who are older and set in our ways!  Baby steps to better health everybody. . . We can make better choices every day even if it’s just one, just do something!”

Deborah T.

“I am really loving when I open my refrigerator and see all the wonderful foods I have incorporated into my life.  And, I love using my kitchen as it should be used.  Clean dishes in the sink because I’ve been cooking.  Thanks for these wonderful changes you have brought into my life!”

Mel S.

“I tried to change my eating habits on my own for the last 5 years. Finally I decided to turn to Julie for help. She coached me about my body, my eating habits, how to shop for better choices, and even winding down. It’s surprising how much everything else interferes with the way we eat! I learned the truth about what’s hidden in our everyday meals – and it shocked me! It’s now been 3 months and I am more than halfway in my weight loss journey. I have completely re-evaluated my food choices and could not be happier. I sleep well every night, and wake up with tons of energy, while the pounds slowly melt away. I’ve never felt more accomplished and satisfied with the way that I live. Thanks, Julie, I look forward to more and more of your support and dedication.”

Laine T.

“I did the Love Your Liver Detox last Spring.  One huge benefit is how strong my immune system has been since doing the cleanse.  I have been feeling great ever since and this is the first time in my whole life that I have not been sick over the winter months.”

Laurie T.

“I did the Love Your Liver Cleanse last Fall.  Prior to the cleanse I was experiencing chronic pains in my feet and dry itchy skin.  I am happy to report that after doing the cleanse I have had no more pain in my feet and my skin no longer itches.”

Pam K.

“My husband and I had been taking small steps to a healthier lifestyle but wanted to have a “Jumpstart” on losing weight. We decided to partner with Julie and do a 21 juicing cleanse to get ourselves on the right track. Our cleanse ended yesterday….. we are soooooo excited! Mike lost 19 pounds and is able to have his blood pressure medication reduced, I’ve lost 8 pounds and feel great. With Julie’s guidance we are continuing with the healthy habits we’ve learned and have gotten the jumpstart we needed!”

Laurie and Michael Williams

“Julie prepared the “healthy” food for me to taste I was blown away at how delicious the food was. It was very few ingredients and very quick to make. As she was making it, she was talking about how they will benefit me, which made me want to eat more! The very next day I was full of energy and I felt wonderful. I will continue to eat these very simple snacks and meals that made me feel so good inside and out.”


-“Fun, amusing, got the audience going. Wonderful job!”
-“Your message was great! Thank you.”
-“Well needed information. Interesting. Great participation from the audience.”
-“Thank you for the tips!”
-“Very good information and sharing. Thank you so much.”
-“Great presentation. Thank you.”
-“Good information on how to stay healthy and stay not as stressed at work and care for yourself.”

ARRM Conference 2012

“Excellent topic with information we all need. Julie is an engaging & pleasing speaker with good humor. So glad I came; learned a lot!”

“Great presenter; knowledgeable. Great projection/use of mic. Visually pleasing slides. Wonderful! Thank you!”

“So informative-knowledgeable. Great speaker!”

“Wow! How awesome to have an expert promote information without selling a product. Thank you for offering an interesting topic with information we all need.”

“Great reminders for healthy eating. Changes I can start to make and can bring it back to the clients.”

“Great information. Inspired me to be thinking healthy!”

“Great information. Thank you!”

“This was absolutely amazing! Unbelievably useful for personal and professional. I can’t wait to get all the slides.”


“Julie was very knowledgeable with lots of good information.”

ARRM Conference 2015